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SwaziHost Trade - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Softwarex

SwaziHost Trade – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software. SwaziHost Trade is for the cryptocurrency trading and selling. even you can request to buy and sell at a specific price. There have withdrawal and deposit options.

SwaziHost Trade is now at version 6.4

Demo links :

Website demo : https://app.mega-capital.net

Super admin : https://app.mega-capital.net/admin | Email: demo@swazi-host.com | Password: 76462173

User Panel : https://app.mega-capital.net/login

To run smoothly the Swazi Host Trade application, Our best recommendation is to run the SwaziHost Trade trading system at:

1.Swazi Host Server.

2.MySQL Server Minimum (v7.3)

3.Multi Database Space

4.MySQL Version-10.2.41-MariaDB.

5.Node js version minimum(v14.x) must be installed on your server.

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